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General Categories of Sites and Projects
Web Design
This section includes my various sites & projects geared towards the web design professional. Even if you're not in the business, you may find some of these useful.

Sometimes a smell brings back the memories of a moment, but most often it's an image. Here you will find a collection of projects & sites showcasing the visual image.

If you like to read & explore words, I have a few projects & sites which center around the words and my love of playing with language. Poems, short stories and other writing experiments all for your enjoyment.

These are personal sites & projects, ones that have more meaning for myself (or my family & friends) than they might have to you or others.

Want to laugh? I've got a bunch of sites that are based around humor in its various forms.

Some things are just not easily definable. Here is an assortment of experimental projects and sites which let me play with some new technology or interface.

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